Beginning Biodynamic Massage

Oct 9-12, 2020 | Cost: $700 | Deposit: $100 | Spaces Left: 10

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April StrausMonica Rudestam

Beginning Biodynamic Massage is presented by April Straus, LAc, LMT and Monica Rudestam, LAc, LMT. This course is a pre-requisite for the Intermediate and Advanced Biodynamic Massage workshops presented by Todd.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9am-6pm
Monday 9am-12pm
26 CEUs | max 10 students | read reviews
30% discount for students repeating the class
prerequisite: must be licensed to practice massage

510 NE Dekum St.
Portland, OR 97211

Learn how to:

  • Warm up the connective tissues using quietude as a guiding factor for direction & depth of stroke along with movement and rocking motions.
  • Palpate connective tissue densities and optimize your vector, pressure and surface area of contact.
  • Use this contact to elicit the healing forces within the cranial system to step forward and change the connective tissue for you.
  • Follow the body fascia and cranial quietude to the source of issues.
  • Stay present with the body as the issue resolves.
  • Let go of unhelpful body posture, assumptions, and motives that plague the effectiveness of bodyworkers.

Biodynamic Massage combines deep tissue massage with biodynamic cranial therapy.  A balanced blend of direct and indirect approaches, it trains the practitioner to discover precisely where and how to work.  This guidance verifies the practitioner's effectiveness with a marked change in tissue quality. It is beautifully simple and attainable by those new to the fields of massage or cranial therapy.  It becomes profoundly sophisticated as one's ease and skill advance, offering nourishment for practitioners well versed in both fields.

Biodynamic Massage cultivates the sensitivity and perception required for cranial work while the bodyworker performs massage. Often a slow moving, presence-developing healing art, biodynamic massage facilitates healing more effectively than traditional massage. You can include 10-20 minutes of biodynamic massage into your standard massage treatment very easily and your clients will respond positively.  If you provide 60 full minutes of biodynamic massage, your clients will be dumbfounded by their sense of ease.  Biodynamic massage provides a lovely bridge for practitioners wanting to migrate their practice from massage to cranial therapy.

Learn how to facilitate the expression of health already within your clients.  Modify pressure, direction of movement and surface area of contact to elicit the healing potentcy of the cranial system to reorganize the connective tissues for you.   You will learn how to connect with the intelligence within the body and follow it, allowing the massage to be guided by the client's own healing forces. This is very different than massage being guided by your 'intuition' or by a prescribed protocol for manipulation.


April Straus, LAc, LMT received her training in acupuncture and Oriental medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, graduating with a masters degree in 2003. She has been a NCCAOM Diplomat since 2004 and an LMT since 1997. April continued training by studying cranial sacral therapy, biodynamic massage, five element acupuncture, Kiiko style acupuncture and the LifeLine Technique™. The philosophy behind these modalities is that the body knows how to heal itself. April completed a Biodynamic Massage mentorship with Todd Jackson in 2017 and provides hands-on assistance at his trainings.

Monica Rudestam, LAc, LMT strives to understand the uniqueness of the individual's constitution and his or her personal blocks to health. She combines her acupuncture training, herbal and dietary therapy, and hands-on physical and energetic modalities in order to bring awareness to the physical and energetic blocks in the body that inhibit reaching our full potential. Monica completed a Biodynamic Massage mentorship with Todd Jackson in 2012, and provides hands-on assistance at his trainings.

Before registering for Intermediate Biodynamic Massage

1) Successfully complete Beginning Biodynamic Massage
2) Receive 10 biodynamic massages (5 from the approved list of bodyworkers)
2) Give 10 ninety-minute biodynamic massages.