Cranial 1 - Biodynamic Interface

August 21-24, 2020 | Cost: $600 | Deposit: $100 | Spaces Left: 4

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Deborah MerkleStacy Darby

Cranial 1 - Biodynamic Interface will be presented by Deborah Merkle, BA, CRS and Stacy Darby, LMT. They are longtime students of Todd Jackson and the Biodynamic field. They are co-teaching this beginners course as a prerequisite for the intermediate courses offered by Todd Jackson.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 9am-6pm
Monday 9am-1pm
27 CEU's | max 10 students | read reviews!
30% discount for students repeating the course

prerequisite: Prior to registering, receive a biodynamic cranial session from the approved list of bodyworkers (see here). If you live more than 40 minutes travel from a lineage recommended practitioner, you can meet the prerequisite by receiving from a local biodynamic cranial practitioner with at least 6 years experience. In the absence of a local, skillful and experienced biodynamic cranial practitioner, you can receive from a local practitioner with at least 6 years experience in their chosen persuasion of cranial work.


Five Ten Wellness Center
510 NE Dekum St.
Portland, OR 97211

What you will learn

  • a sensation-based way to verify being centered and grounded when working with clients
  • how to modulate awareness to perceive the three-dimensional entirety of specific elements within the client
  • how to form a physical interface which amplifies the cranial system’s self-healing potency
  • what quietude is and how it is affected by the practitioner’s state relative to the client
  • how to train the felt-sense to palpate the client’s derma-body and inner-body
  • how to detect where healing forces are gathered and working on behalf of your client, to connect with these forces and let them guide the treatment process
  • how to palpate motility and orient neutrals to usher in profound healing; biodynamic treatment cycles

At the heart of any healing modality lies the ability to remain present; biodynamic cranial therapy teaches us how. Come learn this subtle yet extremely potent way to facilitate deep healing.

With the Biodynamic approach, we form a relationship to the health already abiding within the client and facilitate it's expression throughout their entire being. Learn how to palpate and employ cranial motility, fulcrums and neutrals to engage the deepest healing resources.

You will learn how to sensitively work with the cranio-sacral system, advance your confidence in subtle palpation skills and experience the profound stillness at the heart of health. 

Open to all licensed health-care providers, yoga teachers, and lay-persons with a keen interest in learning how to connect and be present with others safely, respectfully, to enhance health.

Class sizes are intentionally small and assistants are employed to ensure students confidently integrate the approach. Ongoing support is available after workshops via Supplements, Treatment Exchanges and Feedback Sessions.

Course Facilitators

Stacy Darby, LMT, Reiki Master has been engaged in the study and practice of healing touch for 17 years. She became licensed in massage therapy in 2001 and in 2005 became a certified Reiki Master. Stacy has been practicing Biodynamic Massage and Craniosacral Therapy since starting her training with Todd Jackson in 2013.

Deborah Merkle, BA, CRS has been engaged in the study and practice of Body/Mind Therapy since 1998. She combines her study of Rubenfeld Synergy, Gestalt Therapy and various other body/mind modalities in her Body/Mind therapy practice in Portland, Oregon. Deborah has been practicing Biodynamic Cranial Therapy since beginning training with Todd Jackson in 2005.

Before registering for Cranial 2 - Deepening Quietude

1) Successfully complete Cranial 1 - Biodynamic Interface
2) Receive 10 biodynamic cranial sessions (5 from the approved list of bodyworkers)
2) Give 5 one-hour biodynamic cranial sessions.